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Current & Past Funding

Opioid Use Disorder among Childbearing Women in Indiana

Opioid use disorder is on the rise among reproductive-aged women in the United States, yet limited information is available about their pathways to addiction and treatment experiences, particularly in rural regions. This qualitative study uses the social-ecological model to examine factors that give rise to addiction and treatment experiences of women residing in rural Indiana.



2021 Indiana Academy of Sciences, “Understanding Opioid Use Disorder and Treatment Experiences of Pregnant and Postpartum Women in Indiana,” competitive, PI: Caitlyn Placek

2018-2019 Indiana CTSI Community Health Partnerships – Trailblazer Award, “Multi-Scalar Investigation on Pathways to Health Equity for Maternal Opioid Treatments in Delaware County, Indiana,” PIs: Jean Marie Place, Caitlyn Placek, Jennifer Wies.

2018-2019 Immersive Learning Provost Grant Award, Ball State University, “Healthy Moms, Healthy Communities: Understanding Perceptions & Evaluating Maternal Opioid Treatment in Muncie,” PIs: Caitlyn Placek, Jean Marie Place, Jennifer Wies.

Drug Use Patterns & Treatment Experiences of Reproductive-Aged Women in India

Recently, drug use among reproductive-aged women has begun to increase in low- and middle-income countries, such as India. Unfortunately, due to cultural norms that emphasize men’s use, little is known about the factors contributing to drug use patterns and treatment experiences among Indian women. This research uses qualitative, quantitative, and biological data to understand women's drug use patterns and treatment experiences in Delhi, India.


ASPIRE Junior Faculty Award, Ball State University, “Life Histories & Mind-Body Treatments for Opioid Addicted Women: A Case Study in India,” competitive, PI: Caitlyn Placek.

Global Health Equity Scholars postdoctoral fellowship, National Institutes of Health, competitive, PI: Caitlyn Placek.


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