As an educator, Dr. Placek's goal is to provide a flexible and active learning environment that is inclusive of multiple backgrounds and learning styles, where all students feel comfortable engaging with the course material. In 2019, she co-taught a collaborative immersive learning course for students at Ball State University with Dr. Jean Marie Place and Dr. Jennifer Wies. The three collaborators were awarded a Provost Grant for their project entitled, “Healthy Moms, Healthy Communities: Understanding Perceptions & Evaluating Maternal Opioid Treatment in Muncie.”

The anthropology section of this project was geared toward investigating the social-ecological factors that contribute to opioid use in pregnancy and the postpartum period. Students learned how to employ anthropological methods to: 1) build an understanding of the factors that give rise to opioid use in pregnancy, and 2) develop a message geared toward educating the community on this critical health epidemic that afflicts the lives of women in the Muncie.

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Click here to check out the results from our immersive learning class!

Art by BSU Anthropology Graduate student, Kathryn Loving

Courses Taught

Ball State University

ANTH 105: Introduction to biological anthropology (online and lecture)

ANTH 405/405: Human variation (lecture)

ANTH 406/506: Life history theory of growth, development, and reproduction (lecture)

ANTH 427/527: Culture and Medicine (lecture)

Washington State University

ANTH 316: Gender in a cross-cultural perspective (lecture)

ANTH 468: Sex, evolution, and human nature (online and lecture)

Ashford University

ANTH 101: Introduction to anthropology (online)